Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Colin Street Periodontics. We are located at The Periodontist West Perth Dental Centre at 39 Colin Street, West Perth. 39 Colin Street has a fine tradition in dentistry where some of the most well respected Dentists and Periodontists have practiced since 1952.

At Colin Street Periodontics we take pride in continuing a long tradition of treatment based on sound, tried and tested procedures; whilst embracing new and exciting innovations in dentistry.

If you are searching for clinical excellence in a first class caring environment our practice is the place for you. Dr. Gerrardine McElhinney and her team look forward to welcoming you to Colin Street Periodontics.

At our clinic our main objective is that you are treated with the utmost care and respect; and that all your concerns and questions are addressed in a calm reassuring manner. Our ultimate aim is for you have a healthy functioning dentition and that is really something to smile about!

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