Dental Implants West Perth

Unfortunately some teeth may be lost due to periodontal disease, cavities or accidents. We offer state of the art implants for tooth replacement. We use European implant systems such as Nobel Biocare and Straumann; that are regarded as World Class and are tried and tested for over two decades.

Dental implants are the closest substitute to your own natural tooth. They have transformed many patients’ lives giving them the confidence to smile and eat without embarrassment. They are made of titanium, an inert material used by orthopaedic surgeons for decades. We place the implant in the bone to replace the missing root of the tooth. The implant then integrates with the bone in a process known as osseointegration. We work closely with your Dentist/Prosthodontist; who will provide and make the specially constructed Implant Crown (tooth) that is attached to the implant. If your dentist is not happy to provide the implant crown then we can arrange to have it done here at the centre.

Dental Implants

You will need an implant assessment prior to surgery so that we may fully discuss with you all aspects of the procedure. We need to ensure that you do not have a medical condition that would contra-indicate implant surgery and that adequate bone structure is available. Impressions are needed to construct a surgical stent so that the implants can be placed at the ideal location.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are an excellent option for patients who have lost teeth no matter what the cause. They do not need the support of the adjacent teeth like a fixed bridge would require. They look and feel like natural teeth and have an excellent success rate.

In about 5% of cases osseointegration does not take place and this is normally detected within the first three months. Factors that can lead to loss of the implant include smoking and medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes. Ideally a candidate for implant therapy should be in good health and have adequate bone to support the implant. It is also important that no active periodontal disease is present as it will compromise the success of the procedure.

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